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n. 仪器,手段,工具,乐器,法律文件

vt. 用仪器装备,为演奏谱曲,向…提交文书





This Ʊֻapp_instrument monitors the patient's heartbeats.这台仪器监听病人的心跳。

He can play nearly every musical Ʊֻapp_instrument.他几乎能演奏每一件乐器。

A plough is an Ʊֻapp_instrument used for farming.犁是用于耕作的工具。


1、An Ʊֻapp_instrument called a trocar makes a puncture in the abdominal wall.


2、The veto has been a traditional Ʊֻapp_instrument of diplomacy for centuries.


3、There is an internal circuit breaker to protect the Ʊֻapp_instrument from overload.